ItalyBus Card / EurolinesBus Card

ItalyBus Card
It's a personal discount card valid for 1 year on the entire Baltour Group national network. It costs 30 euros. ItalyBus Card holders have 15% discount on every ticket purchase with no  limitations.

EurolinesBus Card – Discount Car
It's a personal discount card valid on Eurolines international network*. The prices are 29 euros for the 3-month card and 39 euros for the 6-month card. EurolinesBus Card holders have 25% discount on every ticket purchase with no limitations.
General Terms and Conditions: EurilinesBus card: the card is personal, not-transferable and not-refundable.  In case of loss or theft, the card owner has no rights to re-issue or refund.
Card discount can not be combined with other discounts or promotions, and it applies only on Adult Standard Fare. 

* EurolinesBus Card is valid for the following "Eurolines" services:

  • Italy-France-Spain
  • Italy-France
  • Italy-Belgium-Netherlands
  • Italy-Germany- hub in Milan and Strasbourg
  • Italy-Hungary
  • Italy-Romania
  • Naples-Warsaw-Suwalki
  • Rome-Vilnius

You can buy the card at: Naples Ticket Office, Rome Ticket Office, Bologna Bus Terminal, Venice Ticket Office, Turin Ticket Office, Sena La Lizza Ticket Office, or sending an email to or calling +39 0861.1991900; in case of phone purchase, payment shall be made in advance by bank transfer or credit card. The card is sent by priority mail.