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About us

EUROLINES is a passenger bus company that belongs to an European network of long-distance international lines.

Eurolines has created the largest European bus lines' network, connecting today over 500 destinations: from the hot lands of Spain and Morocco to the North European territories, to the far East territories of Europe.

Eurolines buses, whose fleet is represented by the unmistakable white coaches with the red and blue mark, are not just means for comfortable trips, but  places where generations meet, share their experiences, establish new friendships, contribute to build Europe every day: travelling by bus means travelling together.

EUROLINES is already the "travelling global village"

Eurolines enters many cities, allowing you to see places that you may not have the chance to visit; the covered roads reveal views that expand your experiences.

Eurolines Italia is owned 100% by Baltour

Baltour has been working in long-distance public passenger transport sector and local bus transport sector for over 50 years. The experience gained during all these years allows us to offer the best in terms of  reliability and service quality.

Along with the parent company - whose lines cover principally the Adriatic zone - BALTOUR GROUP is formed by SENA, whose inter-regional lines represent the most important north-center-south transport system on the Tyrrhenian axis ever created in Italy; and EUROLINES, a company that - as referred above - belongs to an European network of long-distance international lines.

Today our Group has created the largest and the most widespread network of bus services and bus lines in Italy and Europe Baltour Group connects regularly 17 Italian regions and 23 European countries, reaching over 500 destinations and carrying over 4 millions passengers every year.